Circuit Cellar Ink 220
November 2008

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CJ Abate

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John Gorsky

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David Tweed

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Peter McCollum

Radiation Detection

Digital and Analog Pulse Measurement

Pete's innovative data acquisition system measures cosmic rays, natural background radiation, and emissions from radioactive objects captured from a scintillation probe and a Geiger tube. The compact system controls data acquisition processors, gathers the collected data, and formats the data for display.



Matt Corne
Chad Harvey
Thaine Hock
Benjamin Wolpoff
David Wolpoff

Embedded Cause and Effect

A Lighting System That Responds to Audio Stimuli

With a Luminary Micro LM3S828, this group of designers built an interactive coffee table that responds to audio stimuli and produces flashy visual effects. The design -- which features 96 tricolor LEDs, five custom circuit boards, and four electret microphones -- can generate a single color display or exciting lighting effects.



Kit Church

Digital Stompboxing

An Easy-to-Use Digital Signal Processing Platform

Are you ready to venture into the world of digital signal processing effects? This article is the perfect introduction. Kit describes a high-quality DSP platform and presents sample code.



Steven Nickels

Time Server Design

Synchronize with the WWVB Time Code Signal

Coordinate your Ethernet applications with Steven's Time Server. The system keeps a master time and date clock that is synchronized to the U.S. WWVB time code signal. It connects to an Ethernet network and sends time and date information according to the SNTP, DAYTIME, and TIME protocols. Now, no matter their locations, your devices can connect to the system, request the time and date, and synchronize their local clocks.



Thayer Fox
Nigel Kostiuck
Tristan Nixon

Low-Cost Serial-to-USB Migration

If you are unable to access your old data because you don't have the right controller, this group of designers may have the solution for you. Their design enables projects without serial or USB ports to transfer data to a USB device.


Brian Millier

Weather-Monitoring Circuitry

A Design for Indoor-Outdoor Use

Brian's indoor-outdoor weather monitor project is an exercise in precision circuit design and accurate mathematical computations. The electronic system -- which features relative humidity and barometric pressure sensors -- was designed around an Atmel Butterfly evaluation module incorporated in a decorative wall mount.


Lessons from the Trenches


George Martin

What Can C Structures Do for You?

This month, George gets back to work examining the C language. Follow along as he explores the use of C structures in a real-world application.


From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Drive by Wire

A Look at Noncontact Sensing

Jeff has covered optical encoders in previous columns. As you know, while they work well in some projects, they can be expensive. This month, Jeff describes an alternative based on magnetics. A noncontact rotary encoder may be the perfect fit for your next design.

Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

It's the Sensors, Stupid

Your design is only as good as its sensors. With the latest sensors incorporating smarter silicon, alternative energies, and wireless technologies, the possibilities for your next system are limitless. This month, Tom shows you some of the interesting sensors he discovered at the 2008 Sensors Expo & Conference.


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