Circuit Cellar Ink 200
March 2007

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CJ Abate

HTML Task Manager

Issue 200


John Gorsky

New Product News


Michael Hall
Aaron Patten
Erin Simpson

Robotic Arm Control System

Need a hand? In just 11 weeks, this team of designers turned a dysfunctional 20-year-old robot arm into a system capable of complex actions. Now you can build your own.



Barry Stout
Eugene Zeldin

Animatronic System Control

Barry and Eugene used their knowledge of robotics and a lot of creativity to design an H8/3687-based control system for a robotic monster that appeared in a horror movie. The system enabled them to control the monster with potentiometers, a touch screen, and buttons.



Jeff Bingham
Lee Magnusson

Inertial Rolling Robot

Jeff and Lee’s H8/3664-based rolling robot is capable of inertial movement. A DC electric motor is attached to a pendulum and suspended inside an inflated ball, which provides the driving force.



David Tweed

Then and Now


Aubrey Kagan

Generic Modbus Simulator

Part 1: Theory and Preparation

Aubrey introduces the topic of a Modbus implementation on a PC. He covers the Modbus protocol and an approach for documenting the register set of a Modbus slave and even a family of slaves in Excel.


Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Build a PIC Platform

Microchip Technology's PIC18F97J60 microcontroller will be a great fit for many of your remote control and automation applications. But you might find it difficult to work with due to its TQFP packaging. Fred has the perfect solution: build up your own PIC18F97J60 platform.


Dale Wheat

Servo Control

First used in remote-controlled airplanes, servomotors are not just built for flight. Dale shows you how to build custom projects and award-winning robots using the motors.


Lessons from the Trenches


George Martin

More "Hello World"

Moving What You've Learned to the Hardware

As promised, George continues showing you how to use C programming language for embedded system design.This time he delivers cleaner code, more functional requirements, and interrupts.


Above the Ground Plane


Ed Nisley

A Plethora of Projects

Since 1998, Ed has written more than 120 articles for Circuit Cellar on everything from home control to programming. In this article, he covers his all-time favorite subjects.

From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Embedded USB Breakthrough

Jeff recently got crafty with the new FTDI VNC1L embedded USB host controller IC. Now he doesn't need to carry around his laptop in order to log data from his designs

Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Code Like the Wind World Tour

Finding the right programming language is like selecting a hammer at a hardware store, it has to match your task. Tom introduces the latest version of Express. Perhaps it's the right "tool" for your next job.


Crossword Puzzle


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Steve Ciarcia

HTML Priority Interrupt

Inside the Box Still Counts

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