Circuit Cellar Ink 198
January 2007

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CJ Abate

HTML Task Manager

Agency vs. Contingency


John Gorsky

New Product News

  • SoM-NE64M ColdFire MC9S12NE64-based system-on-module from EMAC, Inc.
  • IM3100, IM3300, and IM3900 processors with application-specific soft peripherals from Imsys Technologies AB
  • TS-7400 ARM9-based Linux SBC from Technologic Systems, Inc.


Abigail Krich

Self-Powered Solar Data Logger

Abigail designed a microcontroller-based, self-powered solar data logger that uses a photodiode to measure solar insolation levels. The system converts the analog signal to a digital value that's stored in flash memory.



Nick Lott


An MC16C/62P-Based RS-232 Analyzer

Although RS-232 is disappearing from new devices, you'll probably have to work with it from time to time. You can connect Nick's M16C/62P-based system to an RS-232 device to determine the correct data rate, wiring, and encoding scheme. You can also use it to monitor a serial link.



CJ Abate

HTML The Atmel AVR Design Contest 2006 Winners Announcement

The Atmel AVR Design Contest 2006 was an excellent opportunity for designers to work with the Atmel AVR family of flash memory microcontrollers and test their design skills against the world's best and brightest engineers. Last February, designers from all corners of the globe started working with the parts and planning their projects. After thoroughly reviewing each submission, the judges awarded prizes to 12 projects based on their technical merit, usefulness, originality, design optimization,and cost effectiveness.


Nial Stewart

Multi-Input Temperature Logger

Nial designed an FPGA-based multiple-input temperature logger with an innovative USB interface. In this article, he describes the FPGA logic to drive the sensors and the flexible one-pin USB interface used to connect it to a PC.



Dhananjay Gadre
Pushkar Sareen
Subodh Prabhu
Suhas Chakravarty


An Arbitrary Waveform Generator with a Twist

The Arby is an arbitrary waveform generator that can easily generate any waveform. The eZ80F91 microcontroller-based system enables you to input waveform requirements in the form of an object-based program written in any text editor and transmitted via the Internet.



Stuart Ball

Voltage Solutions

Harness the Power of Voltage Converters

Adding voltages to your designs doesn't have to be a complicated task. Stuart explains voltage converter technology and describes the basic principles behind the use of voltage converters in simple designs.

Applied PCs


Fred Eady

Dive Into the ZigBee Pool

An Easy Way to Start Moving Messages

You don't necessarily need a ZigBee stack to move small messages from point A to point B. Fred shows you a simple way to get moving with the ZMD wireless sensor starter kit.

From the Bench


Jeff Bachiochi

Green Energy

What better time than now to get serious about the ways we approach our power and energy consumption needs? Jeff takes a look at "green" technology and describes a few alternative power sources.

Lessons from the Trenches


George Martin

Hello World ... Want Cookie

George is on a mission to walk you through the process of creating an embedded system, writing code in C language, and then testing the design. In this article, he takes a fresh look at C language and points you in the right direction.


Mark Bereit

The Power of Flash

Flash Memory Techniques for Your Toolbox

You use flash memory to store code, but did you know that there are other uses for it? Mark describes several other ways to use flash memory in your embedded designs.


Silicon Update


Tom Cantrell

Hot Chips 18

The Hot Chips Conference officially came of age with its 18th birthday. Once again, Tom headed back to Stanford to check out the big chips on campus. The conference may be all grown up, but Hot Chips are always young at heart.


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Steve Ciarcia

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