Circuit Cellar Ink 127
February 2001

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Rob Walker

Task Manager

Signal Corps


Harv Weiner

New Product News

  • Q80 Embedded Proximity Sensor from TURCK Inc.


Reader I/O

Letters to the Editor


Michael R. Smith

Quirks and SHARCs

Just when you thought it was safe to continue on to the later stages of DSP application development, Michael shows us how quickly simple problems can multiply if left unresolved. The right information can be a lifesaver when working with SHARCs.


Radek Vaclavik

An Altimeter for the Traveling Man

Design2K Contest Winner

Whether you're on the road again or just out to climb every mountain, you'll find Radek's digital altimeter project to be quite practical. The Design2K judges liked it enough to award him second place, so take a look at what went into the project.

Download: vaclavik-127.ZIP


Jerry Wasinger

Enabling the Couch Potato

Building a Remote-Controlled AV Switch with S-Video

After upgrading his home theater system, only one thing hindered Jerry from becoming the supreme couch potato -- the manual S-video switch for the TV. Not to be deterred, he built a remote switch and continued his quest for optimization.



Stuart Ball

PDF HTML, HTML Working with AVR Microcontrollers

A Design Logic 2001 Primer

With great cash prizes on the line in the Design Logic 2001 contest, Stuart offers his design expertise on Atmel's AVR microcontrollers. There's a whole prize category devoted to the AVR family, so read up and then get started on your entry!

Embedded PC


Harv Weiner

Nouveau PC

  • LogicFlex DOS SBC with TCP/IP and Ethernet from J K Microsystems, Inc.

Embedded PC


Ingo Cyliax

Real-Time PC

A Cup of Java, Part 3: Embedded and Real-Time Solutions

Keeping it simple has kept a couple of spacecraft in orbit for 30 years, but as Ingo investigates the issues of using Java in embedded applications, he wonders if the benefits of using Java might be worth the added complexity.

Embedded PC


Fred Eady

Applied PCs

One Thin DIME -- Getting on the 'Net with DOS

Once again Fred sets out to show us that the rumors about the death of DOS may have been greatly exaggerated. Although a dime won't get you very far today, you can travel the world wide web with just a DIME and a Stamp.


David Tweed


Fundamentals of Second-Order Systems, Part 2: The Tools of the Trade

If you dig equations, then you'll enjoy this article. If understanding how mathematical tools affect second-order systems is a source of much head-scratching for you, dig in and enjoy the insight Dave offers here.



Thomas Schmidt

Enhancing Automotive Subsystem Design with LIN

Implementing a LIN Protocol-to-CAN Gateway

If you've peeked under the skin of a late-model vehicle, you know that there are more than a few inches of network wiring that keeps everything running. The environment presents quite a challenge for maintaining reliable communications.


Ed Nisley

Above the Ground Plane

Bring the Noise!, The Analog Side of X10

To kick off his new bimonthly column, Ed decided to start with a topic that would be of interest to a lot of readers. So, has anyone ever experienced quirks in their X10 system? Buckle up and follow along as Ed takes us above the ground plane.


Jeff Bachiochi

PDF HTML, HTML From the Bench

Car 54, Where (Exactly) Are You?, Adding E-Mail Capabilities to Your Project

Last month, Jeff's project was a practical GPS application for tracking a vehicle. This month, he adds the power of e-mail to make his Autolocater even more effective.



Tom Cantrell

Silicon Update

'51 Soldiers On

Over time, the '51 has proven itself to be a valuable workhorse micro that's shown up in the stables of a variety of manufacturers. With such a successful history, it's no wonder the '51 is still growing.


David Tweed

HTML Test Your EQ


Advertiser's Index / March Preview


Steve Ciarcia

HTML, HTML Priority Interrupt

So, Where Were the Tanks?

Circuit Cellar Online

George Novacek

PDF HTML High-Temperature Electronic Design

Part 2: Reducing the Risk

When you think of high-temperature operation, do you think of melted solder and disintegrated insulation? Sometimes operating in a harsh environment is the only choice. An elevated temperature usually elevates risk, but this month George offers some options. High-temperature technology has not been fully explored, but some applications can benefit your cause, and you don't have to be a semiconductor manufacturer to make it work.

Circuit Cellar Online

Charles Kosina

PDF HTML Embedded Multitasking

The Easy Way

With memories of the old PS/2, Charles, a hardware guy, takes on the software task of multitasking. He likes to keep things simple and prefers the overall benefits of assembler language. His top-down state machine approach makes for more structured writing and easier debugging. The technique works mainly with Z180 and 8051 class processors, but you can also try it with your own favorite micro.

Circuit Cellar Online

Fred Eady

PDF HTML An S7600A/PIC16F877 Journey

Part 2: Revving it Up

Continuing on his journey, Fred forges a path all the way through to using the S-7800A/PIC16F877 Internet Engine as a web server. With an everyday PIC, a C compiler, a tiny firmware protocol stack, and some common components, he shows us how to put them on the Internet. As Fred says, "(There's) light at the end of the Internet tunnel!"

Circuit Cellar Online

Mark Samuels

PDF HTML PIC a CompactFlash Card

New tech toys are always exciting to any gadget junkie, and Mark's no exception. Talk about a cool little device, the CompactFlash card has countless possibilities. If you're looking to create a digital picture frame or an MP3 player, for example, the CF card can do it. With the wonder of removable memory, you can expect to see this format around for some time.

Download: samuels-code.ZIP CompactFlash

Circuit Cellar Online

George Martin

PDF HTML Lessons from the Trenches

Linux Lessons

Practically buying up the store at an outlet hot spot, George only had to shell out $4.99 each for vintage versions of Linux. Averting the $70 price tag for the updated version, he felt more at ease to experiment. Linux, which is virtually free and open-sourced, is only getting better. To utilize the multitasking nature of Linux, take a tip from George and take advantage of the closeouts!

Circuit Cellar Online

Tom Cantrell

PDF HTML Silicon Update Online

Soft Cell

It's the promise of tomorrow. Field-programmable System-on-Chip technology holds potential for the future, and one middle-of-the-road soft core CPU is helping to pave the way. Microlor Systems' ProMic comes with a tool suite of the most popular peripherals, a five-stage pipeline to deliver double-digit clock rates, and portability to perform across a variety of FPGAs. Time-consuming negotiations are a thing of the past with ProMic's simple retail pricing model. The silicon penalty is a tradeoff for the greater gain.

Circuit Cellar Online

Jeff Bachiochi

HTML Ask Us, The Engineer's Tech-Help Resource

Let us help keep your project on track or simplify your design decision. Put your tough technical questions in front of the ASK US team. In an engineering predicament? Read questions & answers from other engineers.

Circuit Cellar Online

David Tweed

What's Your Engineering Quotient?

Test Your EQ presents some basic engineering problems for you to test your engineering quotient.

Circuit Cellar Online

Jenn Belmonte

Resource Links

Each month Circuit Cellar's Resource Links provide helpful links and information on a variety of featured topics.

Circuit Cellar Online

Harv Weiner

New Product News

New Product submissions may be sent to Harv Weiner, 4 Park St., Vernon, CT 06066.
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